Image courtesy of the Kanaan Brothers

Taro is an enigmatic producer and live performer. He grew up in Colorado and spent time in the Pacific Northwest and Beijing before settling in Berlin in 2019, where he released the white label singles, Lurk and The Suffler. Since then, he has developed a new tonal palette through a hardware-based production process and staged productions in the local club scene.

Leading up to the Covid club closures, Taro observed that Berlin’s electronic music had become increasingly dark and more obtuse, effectively overshadowing the immense creativity of sub-communities working in parallel to mainstay and headlining acts. Taro found himself drawn to the latter and is especially interested in pioneering a unique take on broken beat and modular synthesis.

As an artist, Taro has set himself the challenge of synthesizing the seemingly paradoxical energy of techno with languid melancholic harmony while simultaneously immersing the listener in organic soundworlds. Rolling rhythms set the background for his atmospheric soundscapes. In doing so, he’s etched a place in the Berlin underground scene with a dialect that bridges the gap between club-ready electronic and emotionally imbued ambient sound.