Beijing Microtuning Lecture & Performance

During the summer of 2018, I traveled to Beijing and Hong Kong. During this period I had the pleasure of meeting many talented local musicians in the scene. I met the founder, Shen of Ran Music, pictured above who offered to have me speak about my studies in microtonal music and perform in some of his weekly Floso workshops. Through this experience I was thrust into a group of creatives forging the ‘Beijing sound.’ And I had the opportunity to play a handful of shows –including a rave (poster and DIY built speakers above).

These conversations and friendships have been influential to my progress as a musician. I was able to get new insight and inspiration into an electronic music community I hadn’t considered before.

In my song, ‘The Suffler’, which I composed in Beijing, I processed the sounds of the subway, ambient sounds of crosswalks filled with people, automated announcements, and the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Most of the percussive elements are from clicks and pops of the train and the sounds of the people sitting around me. You can hear and purchase the track on my Bandcamp page.