Tendril EP – Out Now!

In around November of 2019, I started writing these songs on a dreary week in Cologne, Germany. The city has a way of imparting a certain level of gloom, especially the brutalist concrete structures, when they are darkened by the rain. On one of these days, the idea for Berg was born.

Thematically, the EP is drenched in melancholy and nervous excitement, united in the pallet of breakbeats, lush pads, and nostalgic atmospheres, and voices. At times it verges on chaos; the sounds of booming algorithmically played 909’s lap up against gritty microtonal melodies. It’s the contrast of the sonic colors –soft synths that are accented by breakbeats– that kept me making this EP for so long…

I had all of the songs on my hard drive for over a year before I decided to release these tracks. I was still looking for new ways to connect these sonic colors right up until the release.

Previous releases were not as directed as this. I found that through the conscious decision to limit my sonic arsenal, I was able to understand each component at a higher level. The drums for example, were combinations of many styles of ‘chopping’, combining the different versions of the same drum sample, but sliced using different parameters, and timings I was able to achieve new variations and micro-timings that make a beat sound complete –full of force and imperfection.

I had a great time writing these songs, I hope you enjoy them too! Take a listen on Bandcamp here: